My husband always wants 5 minutes to himself. He’ll come home from work and want 5 minutes to himself. Or after an hour or two of playing with the kids he wants 5 minutes to himself. I being an amazing wife, always grant him his 5 minutes…tonight his 5 minutes has been 25…and I was thinking I can’t remember the last time I’ve peed alone, yet had 5 minutes to myself. 

I come home from work, pick the kids up on my way. I cook dinner, while entertaining lil man. I feed lil man, if I’m lucky I may get 5 bites of dinner myself. Then it’s bath time for lil man. Then getting lil man ready for bed, then bottle, then rocking to sleep. Most nights he ends up in bed with me otherwise I won’t get any sleep. I take the kids to day care, Daddy gets to sleep in until 7 (we’re out the door by 6am). Then I spend most of my day babysitting my adult “children” at work. I drive 45 minutes each way  (on a good day), fighting traffic…and after my accidents the anxiety while driving is now through the roof…

I always have to take at least 1 kid to the store with me, usually the baby. 

Where’s my 5 minutes? I mean I’d love to just pee alone for fucksake. Is that too much to ask? 


4 thoughts on “5 Minutes 

  1. I don’t think I will ever understand how men are able to accomplish this. I never have time to myself either, but it’s not because I expect it, it’s often because I don’t speak up. My husband is just more vocal about having time to do his own thing. So, to be honest, start speaking up. Tell him you have to go fold clothes or organize something, and then disappear for 10-15 minutes and just sit and be a blob (hide). I sometimes do this, so that I can just be by myself. When I forget to, it’s automatically assumed that I am going to take care of the kids, make dinner, etc, so I try to remember so speak up! You should, too. Good luck, mama.


      1. I agree 100%. It’s hard to ask for the time when we are so used to putting others before us. Unfortunately, I think it’s in our nature.
        What is it about men that they are able to do this and we use our “me” time to do other things?!?!


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