I’m in a weird place…I’m excited to watch lil man grow and learn. It’s so exciting to see how proud he is of his own accomplishments. He squeals with delight. 

He’s got “mom” and “momma” down finally. So I love hearing that!! Of course my world stops when he says it and whatever he wants, he gets. 

He’s learning to walk. He no longer wants to crawl.

But my sadness comes in knowing one day, he’s gonna stop crawling…the last time will happen without realization. One day, I’m no longer going to be “momma”, I’ll just be “mom”. One day, he won’t need me to hold him to sleep. One day he won’t be my little baby, he’ll be independent, VERY independent as he’s already strong willed like his momma. That’s what makes me sad…you’ll never know the last time. 

Cherish each and every moment. Take the pictures, take every picture, capture as much as you can, hold on to it. Make sure you’re in some of those pictures too. Tell your SO to make sure they’re taking pictures too. My husband sneaks pictures. I’ve gone through his phone and found pictures of us sleeping (me and lil man). That’s important too. 

Enjoy the time you have! 


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