You guys…seriously…this fucking black cloud…

So I’m struggling with paying day care on top of bills. I’m not sure how I’m gonna make it all work. I’m applying for second jobs, better paying jobs…nothing is panning out. I started direct sales to supplement as I can…it’s something, but not enough…anyhow, here’s where it starts to get fun…I got called in today to work OT. I reluctantly decided to go in, though it killed me leaving the babes. So about 10 minutes away from work, I totaled my car!! So, not only did I make no OT, I now have no car to get to my job I need to pay day care and health insurance. 

Are you fucking kidding me right now? Plus it got towed, because it’s not driveable. They took it to impound lot. By the time we got there it had closed already. So now we will have to pay like $400 to get it out, so I can get all my shit out. Oh and we had just gotten a new car seat installed because of my last accident (where I was rear ended at stop light). So awesome! Oh and I was the 3rd accident at that spot within 2 hours today, it’s a road issue! 

Dear life, please start using lube…

**UPDATE** My car insurance had my coverage wrong. They had the wrong vehicle with collision  (the plow truck that doesn’t leave our yard because it’s a POS had collision coverage)…so I get NOTHING to replace my car! Fabulous! 


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