I had another off week. I’m not sure what’s going on with me. 

Another job rejection. Pain from the accident. Lack of sleep. Frustration over the increase in day care (1 week away). Tired of being let down. The upcoming last first birthday of my lil baby. Too much on my plate.

I swear I cry like every day again. Today I had an ocular migraine and went blind in one eye. I haven’t had a migraine since lil man was born. Not sure what my trigger was. Stress? 

I feel like there’s this black cloud over us. I’m tired of feeling like that. It could be worse. There are people worse off than us. We are blessed with a lot of things, Healthy, beautiful children. But there are times, like now, when it’s hard.

 The increase in day care, just has me spinning downward. I’m trying so hard to fix it. I keep applying for “promotional” jobs. I’m working on my direct sales biz. I need more customers and hostesses to get myself out there. Family and friends aren’t always the most supportive (I have a handful of big supporters and I appreciate them so much). I just need a huge boost!! When I’m working my biz I feel happy, I enjoy it. There’s not often that happens lately. 

I don’t know. I just keep pushing along! There’s not much else I can do. Hope everything works out. Hope we don’t drown in bills this summer. Hope. 


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