Pictures can speak a thousand words…have you ever looked at your eyes in a picture and you can see your pain, your sadness, your misery? Do you wonder if anyone else can see that? 

Today, I took a selfie this morning for my business and I looked at myself and thought, WOW, you look so sad…I’m not frowning or trying to look sad…and I thought can anyone else see this or is it just me? 

Today, I’m in pain, like level 9 pain from my accident. I went to ortho yesterday and he pinched, proded, moved etc…now today, I want to cry. That pain is seeping out through my eyes, but will anyone else see it? See me and my pain? Not that I want attention…I’m just curious about it. I have a friend of a friend who mentioned the same thing once…she lost a child and hasn’t, as expected, felt herself in a long time. She posted a picture of herself and said she liked the picture because the sparkle in her eye was back…

Eyes are the windows in to our world. 

Weird huh?


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