Did you know that May is PPD awareness month? Me neither. They really don’t do a good job sharing this awareness month. Not one of my friends posted it on Facebook. Not one viral mention of it anywhere. How are we supposed to get better if we can’t talk about it? We’re supposed to hide it away and pretend it’s not real. I say NO! It’s ok to talk about it!

You’re not a bad mom because you’re sad. You’re not a bad mom because you have anxiety. Talk about it. Ask for help. You’re kids need you and if you’re not taking care of you, then they’re not getting the best parts of you!! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies!! You’re enough. You’re doing a good job. If your kids eat cereal for dinner, that’s OK. If you don’t make them a homemade birthday cake, that’s OK. If you let them eat donuts for breakfast, it’s OK. Society has put such unrealistic standards on us, it’s a wonder why we have anxiety. I mean look at Pintrest. Are there any moms who can really do any of that shit? I’ve got like 20 unfinished Pintrest projects sitting in a box in my basement. And ya know what? It’s OK. 

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. That doesn’t make you a bad mom. I mean, I was completely frustrated the other day because I went through yet another meal that I wasn’t able to finish! I can’t remember the last time I got to enjoy eating a meal. It almost brought me to tears. Do you know why I can’t loose weight?! Because I don’t get dinner, then at 9pm after the kids are in bed, I’m starving and what’s quick and easy? Anything unhealthy. More frustration with myself. 

But it’s OK. We’re allowed to feel like this. Just don’t let it take you down the rabbit hole. Talk about it! Get help! There’s no shame. 

Instead of constantly tearing each other down. Let’s support each other! 


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