Do you ever get tired of all the bullshit? Like just shit storm after shit storm happens and you’re sick of it. This black cloud over my house can go away, any time now!! 

We were in an accident Friday. Mostly minor. Baby is suffering from emotional trauma. I’m sore. The 9 year old is sore. Need a new back door. Kid was texting and driving. Uh. 

We got garnishment notice from state taxes, even though we paid in full with our federal return. So gotta deal with that bullshit. 

I’ve started my makeup business. Can’t get a sale. Frustrating. Can’t get parties booked or people to join me. Uh. Feel like a failure. I need this so much. Day care increases by $400 in less than a month!!! 

Then you see people who are horrible, terrible people, succeeding. They have everything they want handed to them on a silver platter with no effort. And they are mean, ugly, awful people. How is that fair? I mean life’s not fair…but fucking come on, can I get a break?!

3 day cares in 9 months. 1 shut down. 1 “kicked us out”. Not to mention getting rejected from 10 “promotional” jobs at my current employer and probably 500 outside job applications. 

It could be worse, I know. But I need a break…fuck! 


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