Dear Former Day Care Provider, 

I was a day care Assistant Teacher for several years. Throughout my career, I not only cared for, I cared about my kids. To this day, I am still in contact with many of my parents going on 20 years now. As a day care provider, you spend most of a child’s awake hours with them. You have an important job to do. A parent entrusts their precious child with you. This is not something you take lightly. 

When I came to you back in February, I shared all the issues I had experienced with the day care lady we had. I shared with you that lil man wasn’t gaining weight and we were frequenting the doctor to find resolution to why he wasn’t growing. I shared that he was crying upon drop off and pick up, that he was always in his car seat when I picked him up. I shared my fears on trusting anyone. I shared the struggles we had looking at centers due to the hight cost. I had my husband come and meet you.

 You reassured us that he was in good hands. You shared that you are hands on and loved field trips. Lil man loves to be out and about! 

We nervously signed the contract and decided to entrust you with our son. You informed we could also bring our 9 year old during the summer. 

Things were seemingly going great. The two week trial period came and went. I expressed often how great it was dropping him off and he was happy when I left him. I was so excited to share with you that he had finally started gaining weight back. You were on it when he had a diaper rash from teething. I was impressed. He had started really developing; crawling, babbling more, sitting up. 

I actually started to feel normal again. I started to enjoy my job again. I sang your praises every chance I got. 

But then, you hit me with a ton of bricks. No warnings. No hints. No indication. You decided on a Thursday afternoon to terminate my contract because he’s not “meshing” with your program. No guilt. No remorse. Not a care. No explanation as to what my 10 month old was or wasn’t doing to “mesh” with your program. My texts went unanswered. 

You lied. You betrayed my trust. I am heartbroken. I’m an idiot for trusting you. I’m stupid for singing your praises. I’m sad for my child because he likes you.

 And not only did you screw us over on lil man, you screwed us out of summer care for the 9 year old. Again, without a care. 

All weekend I’ve cried trying to figure out what is wrong with my precious baby. How can he be so terrible to get kicked out of day care? He’s a baby.

 I decided that’s not fair. There’s nothing wrong with him. YOU are the problem. YOU are incapable of caring for a 10 month old. YOU don’t have the guts to admit that it’s too much for you to handle on top of your own children. YOU would rather blame a baby that can’t defend himself, than have the guts to tell the truth. Every day when I come you’re yelling at the older kids while mine is peacefully playing on the floor. 

YOU are heartless. YOU are cold. YOU are untrustworthy. 

I’m an idiot for believing you. 

I hope you can live with yourself, knowing what a terrible person you are, and how awful you’ve made us feel. My son adored you. I don’t understand how you could do this to him, to us. 

You violated your own contract by not expressing concerns ahead of time and we were well past the two week trial. 

I am a bitch, but I’m not a shitty person. I wouldn’t ever do this to someone. YOU, my dear, are a shitty person. 


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