Things have been so busy trying to launch my Direct Sales Business, on top of working full time and being Mommy, Super Hero and recently Baseball Team Manager! Could I add more to my plate? 

There are days I feel completely overwhelmed. We’ve got all these launch dates and goals for the Direct Biz and I’m not hitting any of them. It’s a lil disappointing at times. But I try to remind myself that I just started. But as the final days approach I start to feel like a failure. I’m supposed to sell 10 of these by the 30th?! I’ve sold 1, that I bought. Uh. Failure. 

Amidst all this I’ve been missing my friend. But she’s made it very clear we’re done. Never to be friends again. There’s so much going on I want to vent and cry to her about, but she’s not interested. I’m sad she’s missing all of lil man’s milestones. It’s hard losing a friend like that, it’s like a breakup. It’s even harder knowing that I didn’t do anything to cause her to disown me. I’ve reached out to her, told her I missed her and just get dismissed the next day. I can’t try anymore. It’s time to forget and move on. Though losing your ride or die is hard. I have no one to talk shit about other people to, like the kind of shit talking you shouldn’t say, but she gets it. 

Just having a moment. It’s time to let go…


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