Just when you think you’re getting back to “normal”, you get hit by a fucking Mac Truck. I’m completely shocked, overwhelmed and heartbroken. Not to mention suffering from a killer migraine. 

So I had a shitty day care for months. Lil man would cry when I dropped him off, he was crying when I picked him up, he’d cry the whole way home. I had started looking and putting feelers out, when she decided to close her business. By the grace of God I found an amazing day care! She does things with the kids, outside, field trips, she feeds them good food twice a day. He was happy when I left him, in good spirits when I picked him up. She was even taking the 9 year old this summer so they could be together. 

I finally started enjoying my job again. My baby was safe and happy. I was feeling a sense of normalcy. 

Today, that came crashing down, hard. My day care lady quit us. She said he doesn’t mesh. What the fuck does that even mean? He’s a baby. We have 30 days to find alternative care. Fuck. 

Seeing that we just found her, I’m fully aware that we cannot afford a center, they’re double to triple what we’re paying. Plus summer care for 2, now we will be looking at quadruple what I’m paying now. That will be my ENTIRE paycheck. No extra for bills, house, food, diapers…there will be no money for anything. We’re completely and totally fucked. 

It came out of no where. She never said he was a problem. She never indicated he gave her a hard time. It’s a total blindside. 

As a mom you try to do your best and make the right decisions. But I just keep getting shit on. I’m so fucking tired of the bullshit. Can’t I ever get a fucking break?

For fucksake. I’ve applied for work from home jobs for 10 months, NOTHING. I’ve applied for 12 “promotional” jobs at my work, NOTHING. I’ve started Direct Sales and I can’t sell 1 damn monthly special! 

I can’t stop crying. We’re going on 4 hours. 



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