How do you fight evil? You can’t fight with kindness because they don’t care enough. You can’t fight with evil, because you are a good person. How do you win? How do you prove to the ones they’ve manipulated that they are the evil ones, not you? How do you get people to see through them? 

Everyone keeps saying to wait it out, karma will intervene and they will get what they deserve. But when they’re destroying your children, how do you sit by and wait. 

As a mother, I’m in awe that another mother can behave this way. That another mother can destroy her own child, and mine are collateral damage. How does she not realize she’s emotionally abusing her child, and even her husband. How else do you explain him allowing her to be so destructive? 

I hurt for my children, my family. None of us deserve this. We are a good, strong family. We will rise. We will overcome. In the grace of God, evil can’t win. Especially when that evil doesn’t believe in God themselves. 

Give me strength to carry my family through this terrible time. 


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