Well, I knew my excitement was too good to be true. I’m back to hating my job today. Monday morning email from the Director on IBM recalling their work from home practices…Guess that means they’re officially shutting down my great idea…passive aggressively. 

Fuck. I was hoping that they had seen the light. Realized the benefits. But no. Smoke up the ass again. 

This is so old. I’m so tired of rejection. Nothing ever seems to work out the way I want it to. Do I take things way too hard? I’m legit about to start bawling. 11 rejected applications from this company for “promotional” positions. And at least 50 outside of here, if not more…you lose track after a while. Maybe my Direct Sales business will take off??? Maybe. I mean, I made 1 sale so far. Fuck. 

Fucking Monday. 


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