Omg. Guys! I finally had a positive feeling at work!!! I’ve been back to work for about 6 months and I’ve been miserable and hating every second of it. I mean my son is being taken care of by someone else, he spends more time with her than me. That’s just heartbreaking. Plus I’m basically working to pay for day care! It’s so ridiculous. Anyhow…I’m on this leadership path to help grow me in to a leader. For the most part, I’ve been feeling like they’re blowing smoke up my ass. I mean, for fucksake, I’ve applied for like 10 higher level jobs with 10 rejections. It feels useless and hopeless. So, we had to create a presentation to present to the management group about something we’d change or implement if we were a leader. So, here it is, wrapped in a pretty package, my opportunity to tell them that I should be permitted to work from home. Normally, I’d talk to my boss for advice, but this time I knew he’d talk me out of it. So I did my research, I talked to HR, I found out other areas in the company that allow it. I had my ass covered backwards and forwards. Now, by the time it was my turn we now have double the amount of managers in the meeting. I walk in to a room full of men. I am sweating. I started my presentation, my voice is shakey to start and I pray that I don’t start crying. I get through it with all my facts and figures, benefits to the company, benefits to the employee…and then comes the Q and A session and critique. I’m waiting to just get reemed. But guess what? It was all positive!!! I’m shocked!! They said it was a very controversial topic to bring up, I was very confident and made eye contact. I was passionate. They ALSO said that this is definitely something that they need to consider. WHAT?! I’m so very, pleasantly surprised!!! This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt good about work!!! Hopefully, it goes somewhere. I mean, I need to hold them accountable and follow up. Maybe there will be some positive changes?! 


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