Well, I have a lot of things going on in my life. It feels chaotic, but also nice to be engaged and busy. I have my newly started online “sales” business. I guess, I am not sure what else to call it. I made 1 sale so far, so that was pretty exciting. I wish it would take off a little faster, but it’s like literally been just a week. I don’t have a lot of patience for that sort of thing. I did a photography session for a friend of mine, and unexpectedly made some cash on that little venture and set-up two more photography sessions from that! That is a fun hobby I have. Typically I just take pictures of my kiddos and I have done one photo session for another friend. But it is a fun hobby to keep me busy and I truly enjoy it. I have always taken tons of photos and once upon a time I was actually thinking about going to school for it. So, we shall see what happens from there!

Little man was sick over the weekend, it was running through his day care and finally caught him on Saturday and then a little bit today. He seems better, just a bit crabby. I guess we will see what the morning brings. I am thankful to have a 9 year old that is not afraid of vomit! Lil man puked all over me and the living room floor (thank goodness for hardwood floors). My 9 year old ran to get paper towel and started to help clean it up, then he watched Lil man in the tub while I got cleaned up and changed and finished cleaning up the living room floor. When I got back in there, he had washed all the vomit off his brother. I mean really, what 9 year old does that? He was a huge help today, he even called Daddy to let him know of the crisis unfolding and to hurry home. So we have our first illness out of the way and only a million more to go. I am now waiting for it to hit me.

We had our last first St. Patrick’s day. I had intentions to do lots of pictures and document this holiday, but I just really didn’t get in to it. I feel guilty about it because I should have documented it better, but what do you do? Next up is Easter, I will do better for that holiday. It is funny how little things like that can just throw you out of wack. I mean, honestly I have like zero “themed” pictures of my other kids. I mean I have pictures of them celebrating, like looking for their Easter Baskets or visiting Santa, but no posed cute pictures with props and such. I am not sure why this feels so needed to me, but it’s like therapy for me and I can’t manage to function if I miss out on a photo opportunity!

Hopefully, the postpartum anxiety attacks get few and far apart. I am starting to feel a little more normal, on occasion. But there are still moments that bring me to my knees and make me feel like I can’t move forward from this. There are days where I think I can’t make it through another day at work, and that I really need another leave of absence. My focus is something that needs a lot of work, I am so scatterbrained and I just can’t pull myself together. I am very forgetful and that seems to be getting worse. But then again there is a lot going on in my life. I just keep hoping for that someday when it all falls back in to place.

Just keep swimming…







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