Well, we left our precious baby with Grandma overnight for the first time (he’s almost 9 months). He survived without me. As heartbreaking as that sounds, I’m glad he did good. I only cried twice. We had fun on our date night. It was nice to enjoy a meal with no interruptions. I was hoping to get some extra sleep but no, I was up by 6:30a, showered and ready to go home by 8:30a. Hubby slept fine, he always sleeps fine. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with him. 

I started doing one of those online independent sales “own your own businesses”. I needed to do something to help make ends meet. Hopefully it’s a success and not a big flop. It’s funny though, the people who are supposed to be the most supportive of you, like family and friends, are the least supportive. People are just so judgey. Sorry when day care is like 1/3 of your income you gotta do something. I’ve tried to find another job, and it just hasn’t panned out so, plan F is on the table now…F for fuck it, let’s try this. Wish me luck! 

I’m still annoyed with the same despicable human that’s in my life and negatively affecting me and my family. It’s not even really annoyance it’s more like what the fuck is wrong with you-ance? Like what part of your mind broke and fell out your ass to make you think it’s acceptable to behave this way? Karma could visit them any day now…that’d be fabulous. 

Lil man is growing like a weed. He’s gained weight being at his new day care. Finally. He seems to be loving it. She’s so nice, sends me daily pictures. He gets lil notes with his intake and diaper changes. Hopefully this just is the perfect fit for us! 

That’s about all…nothing too exciting. New adventures. 

Just keep swimming….


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