This is me like 100 fucking percent. I jokingly say that I hate people. But honestly, it’s no joke. People seriously suck. Our society has become a bunch of self-centered assholes. People feel they are entitled to do and say as they wish with no regards for anyone else. Their time is more important than yours. No problem lady with a cart of 75 items, go ahead and take the freshly opened line that I was just told to go to with my screaming baby, he can wait patiently. Oh are you first time parents? That’s exciting. No we have 3 more boys at home. Oh wow. Are you gonna try for a girl? Um. Thanks for rubbing salt in that wound. Thanks for making me rethink all the decisions I made. I’m not capable of carrying another child to term. So thanks asshole. Oh hey, yea dirty, creepy lady, please touch my infants hand, it’s not like he doesn’t ever put that in his mouth. It’s also not flu season by any means and by the looks of it, you’ve never showered so please go ahead, touch him. 

Oh sure I sound like a giant bitch. But for fucksake people use some common sense. I mean, I was nice enough to tell the dude behind me at Target to pick another lane because the cashier was slow as molasses…seriously 20 fucking minutes checking out the lady in front of me…saw the dude I saved walk out with all his purchases. I don’t go around touching other people’s kids…mostly because I’m keeping track of my squirrels or I’ve actually made it out of the house without mine and chances are your kid is annoying the piss out of me. Because who the fuck lets their kid run free through the store?! Seriously, why are your children running, screaming and playing tag through the clothes?! My children have NEVER done that…ever. 

Maybe it’s my postpartum anxiety. I feel more anxious about everything lately. Everything bothers me more. So it’s hard to say if it’s me being hypersensitive or if everyone is a bunch of asshats. 

My husband and I aren’t very social people. And we spend most of our time just the two of us or us and our kids. Maybe that’s contributed to some of it too. He said to someone the other day that we work well together because we both hate people. Haha. 

Don’t get me wrong I tolerate people when appropriate. I’m polite at work. I treat customers with respect and am super helpful. I go above and beyond. I’m friendly enough. I don’t walk around like some raging bitch expressing my hatred. I have friends, most of them I actually like. 

I’m just so tired of people without boundaries, people who think the world owes them, people…


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