I dropped 2 kids off today, which is out of the norm, usually drop off is split, so I had to leave the house early today. I worked a full 8 hour day, picked up one of the littles and had to head to the grocery store because he ran out of formula at day care. I get home, find a snack for lil man and begin to cook dinner. Dinner gets done around 6pm. I fix my husband his plate and bring him his dinner. I swoop lil man off the floor and in to his high chair and proceed to feed him and attempt to take a bite here and there in between screams. He doesn’t care for dinner. I grab him some organic yogurt. He gobbles it up. More screams…he’s still hungry. I give him fruit. Now he’s tired and ready for a bath.

30 minutes later…there my dinner sits…cold…Lil man needs a bottle now, he’s ready for bed. 

It’s now 7:30pm. My dinner is still sitting on the table. I’m still hungry. But I’ll probably be going to bed soon. Lil man rises early. 

My husband said something tonight that made all this worth it. He said I can’t believe he just falls asleep for you, he just snuggles up and is out. 

As moms we generally put ourselves last. We are an afterthought in our own minds. Tonight was one of those nights. Tonight I was feeling flustered over it. Like can’t I just eat my own fucking dinner?! I mean, I may or may not have left my plate out for my husband to notice  (he didn’t), so I could hint I was aggravated. But then he said what he did and reality set back in. 

My baby needs me. My baby wanted mommy. That’s more important than my stupid dinner. 

So tonight, I’ll head off to bed with a box of girl scout cookies and call it good. 

So mommys…your babies needs you more than you realize and that’s what’s most important! Take a breath. Count to 10. Let go of your frustration. Realize it’s pretty special to be needed. 


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