Today is one of those hard days…

I’m not so much struggling with postpartum anxiety/depression , but then again maybe it’s why my emotions are so raw. 

Do you ever try to wrap your head around why certain people behave the way they do? When you aren’t a mean and evil person, it’s really hard to understand how people can be so cruel and heartless. One of my favorite quotes “trying to understand some people’s behavior is like trying to smell the color 9”. This cannot be more true right now. 

As a mother, the situation just kills me inside. There’s nothing I can do. I just cry myself to sleep when no one is around. I have to be strong for everyone else. 

How can someone lie so much? How can someone be so despicable? How can anyone stand by and watch what they’re doing and not step in? How is anyone able to have a relationship with someone who’s capable of being so deceptive? 

I wish I could just spill my guts of every disgusting detail. 

How do you deal with toxic people when you can’t remove them from your life? 

I love my children, all of them. I will just continue to pray this storm ends soon. I will pray the darkness of evil finds light. I will pray for my family and hope for the best. 


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