We started our new day care this week!! 

I get a cute little report card at the end of the day! It shows his diapers, bottles, meals and naps. 

She feeds him FOOD!! She makes “clean” food for them, no processed foods, no dyes, no preservatives. He gets 2 meals a day. 

She takes them outside twice a day if weather permits. She teaches them baby sign language. She does activities with them (art projects, play doh, etc).

I mean, I realize it’s only Tuesday, but it’s awesome!! 

He slept through the night last night, in his own bed (yes I co-sleep, don’t judge me…if it weren’t for co-sleeping, I’d be on 8 months of zero sleep). He slept 7:30pm to 5am. It was amazing…except for the two times I woke in a panic to check on him. Now, if only I’d learn to sleep while he’s sleeping. 

Fingers crossed, we are on the right track with day care!!! 

***OH! I forgot to mention, he doesn’t cry when I leave him, like he did at other day care!!! 


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