So. I guess I never followed up with the Tummy issues…

The Upper GI appointment showed no abnormalities. Which was good, but I still had a screaming, spitting child. 

We switched formulas again  (#4) and increased his solids. He wasn’t a fan of baby food and day care was not on board with giving him 2 meals a day. 

At his 6 month appointment we had no weight gain in a total of 6 weeks. We were given permission to start foods he could mash with his gums and avoid baby food. So, we started giving him bananas, avacados, Mandarin oranges, etc. He was in HEAVEN! We kept adding more things in. We still had issues because we couldn’t get day care on board with feeding him “people” food. So Mommy and Daddy just pressed on. He would scream 5pm-7pm every night. I just chalked it up to fussy time. 

At his 7 month check up he finally gained 1lb. She said keep increasing his food, he can have anything. It was here we started to notice a pattern. The days he was home with Mommy and getting 3 meals a day we had no fussy time from 5-7. Day care days, fussy time 5-7…then I realized he’s starving!! By the time we get home, he’s so hungry he can’t “catch-up”. I finally brought applesauce and oranges hoping he at least gets that much during the day. 

At his 8 month check up, he’s gained another pound! Spitting up is minimal and they want to switch him to regular formula at 9 months to prepare him for milk (5th formula change). He can continue to eat anything and try everything. He LOVES food!! 

We’re still having the fits from 5-7…but we start a new day care Monday and she makes organic, no processed, dye free meals 2x a day for the kids! I’m hoping this will end our fussy time because he won’t be starving…I can’t wait to see how much he grows by his next check up!! 

So please, please advocate for your kids if something seems off, make the doctor listen! I wish I had had the guts to leave my day care sooner…but we live and learn right?! 


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