The saying goes “a listening ear is a running mouth”…it is so true. You’d like to believe people aren’t inherently mean, but I’m beginning to think that maybe they are. We’re growing up/living in a society where everyone is out for #1. I wasn’t raised that way (neither was my husband). It’s so very hard to learn not to trust people and only look out for yourself. But I’m afraid such is life! 

I’m going somewhere…be patient with me…

So remember my best friend? My ride or die mom friend? The one every mom needs? As you know we’re no longer friends. I’m not really sure why exactly, but she hates me. I’ve tried reaching out when I’ve needed a friend but it’s just not working (she’s even gotten her boss to hate me). So, I’ve given up hope on repairing the damage. 

Anyhow, she is friends with my current day care lady (that’s how we started there). I guess, I forgot she had access to this blog. Well, turns out she blabbed to my day care lady all my complaints! Do I have actually “proof”, no, BUT my day care lady stopped leaving my son unattended in his car seat. She still leaves him in it for an hour (that I’m aware of), but now she brings him in the same room as her instead of leaving him in entry way. The only reason I can see why she changed her behavior would be someone told her. She also no longer leaves the new baby in his car seat either. It’s a little too coincidental. 

I also, do not believe she’s closing her business due to lack of income. I think she’s just quitting us. Which, I guess, is a blessing in disguise. I no longer have to stress and the decision was easily made for me. Because dispite everything that’s happened, I feel bad leaving on my own account. I shouldn’t. But that’s just who I am. I care too much. I worry about everyone’s feelings and how my choices impact them. And when it’s not reciprocated, I shouldn’t, but I do. 

So choose wisely who you share your life with. Choose wisely who you keep in your squad. They just might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be cautious my friends. Otherwise you will end up heartbroken like me. 


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