Well, my day care lady quit. Ain’t that some crazy coincidence? I’m stressing out trying to figure out what to do and what to say if I do leave and BAM she up and quits! So I guess that makes life easier…or harder…I’m not really sure. 

I’m continuing to pursue my dream to work from home, applications out every day. But in the mean time, I’m on the hunt for day care…I’ve got 8 days to find something new! 

As a parent you try so fucking hard to make good choices for your kids and then you realize lifes a shit show and you can only do so much with the hand you were delt! I swear I feel like a giant fuck-up 90% of the time! But I mean, they have a roof over their head, clothes on their back, food on the table and know they are loved. So that’s gotta say something, right? 
Just keep swimming….


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