Hey y’all. You may see an influx in posts. It’s a new year, so my deductible has started over, which means out of pocket payments for therapy. And sometimes I need to let the thoughts stroll out of my head.

I mean, I pretty much hate everyone and I’m ok with that. I’ve accepted it, so as long as I’m owning up to my shit then I’m ok. Right? I’m not in denial by any means. 

I’m super anxious about everything. Everything bothers me. BUT I know when to put myself in time out. And I know if it’s bad, I need to go in. I’m self aware. And my husband has no problems being real, like “honey, your acting like a fucking psycho do you need to talk to someone or are you ok?” (I mean, not really, but that’s how I hear it). 

This is pretty good therapy for me too. I have friends who will read my blog and check in afterwards, it’s nice! I mean the past 8 months have solidified who my true friends are, and a few I’ve never met face to face…it’s amazing! As hard as it is to learn who’s your friend and who’s not, it gives you a sense of clarity. And some days I miss the idea of them and it makes me sad they won’t get to know my amazing adorable little boy. Anyhow, side tracked…anyone else have lack of focus? 

With that, I appreciate my readers and I hope I can reach at least one mom who’s struggling so she knows she’s not alone!! 


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