Hey y’all I need to vent for a minute. 

Everyone is all offended about everything these days and are insistent on telling everyone else what is right or wrong according to them and that we need to listen to them and do as they say. 

We have a group of political men deciding what women can and can’t do with their bodies. You can’t get an abortion even for medical reasons to save the mother’s life. You’re birth control is no longer covered. Well, maybe birth control should me more affordable then less abortions would occur. Granted I’m not for abortion, however it’s not MY place to tell anyone what they can do with their body and their choices. 

We have a group of feminist wearing vaginas on their head, throwing the word pussy around like a fucking comma, and freeing the nipple! And if we don’t agree with them we’re anti-feminist. Firstly I have giant fucking mom boobs, it’s painful to NOT wear a bra so the only time my nipples will be free is at home. 

Then we have the anti-gender group. We’re not allowed to dress our daughters in pink or our boys in blue…how dare we settle in to these sterotypes? Our boys can’t play with trucks and our girls can’t play with dolls. Heaven forbid you tell your daughter she’s pretty, you must only tell her she’s smart and worth something. Why is being pretty a bad thing? I’m pretty, I take pride in looking good. I embrace being a girl and sorry, but that’s perfectly ok. And all my children will be loved no matter what or who they become or identify with, but until such feelings or announcements are made, my boys will be treated as boys and will be encouraged to participatein life how they see fit. If they don’t enjoy sports, they don’t have to play. They wanna take art, then I’ll sign them up. 

Then we have another group not sure what to call them…but they are the group that riot, burn their cities down and block highway traffic and if we don’t agree with them we’re racist. I’m far from being a racist. There are definitely things that need to change in the system. Yes there unfortunately is some racism left in the world, just the same as sexism is still alive and well. However, not agreeing with you blocking innocent people’s way to work or the airport or how do you know they’re not rushing to the hospital to see a loved one who’s dying, doesn’t make me a racist. March the capital steps. Write to your Congress. Start a petition. Use the media and social media to get your voice out in a positive way, but for fucksake don’t burn your own city down! 

I’m so tired of all these groups screaming for you to fall in line with their ways and you’re wrong for not. They don’t even realize they are doing to you what they say you’re doing to them. They’re NOT allowing you to be you. I mean don’t take it quite so literal, don’t start being a racist that’s not ok. But it’s ok to embrace who you are. 

With that, I’m gonna go throw on a bra, hide my nipples, paint my face, and don that pink hoodie in my closet…then I’m gonna put my son in a total boy outfit to do my womanly duty of grocery shopping, coming home to do some laundry and cook my man dinner! 

Peace out bitches…love ya! 


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