I’ve seriously had enough…enough dealing with toxic, self-righteous, manipulating, lying, mean people; enough stress and anxiety; enough worrying; enough of it all! 

Don’t get me wrong I can be a giant bitch, but if I am being a giant bitch, you better ask yourself “what did I do to deserve this?”. Rarely am I a bitch for no reason, you must have done something to bring it out. Do not play victim. 

My husband always says to “ignore it” or “don’t let them get to you”. It’s a lot easier said than done. Especially lately. My feelings/emotions are on overdrive. Everything sets me off. 

How do you learn to cope? How do you ignore toxic people? How in the actual fuck do you take the high road and ignore their bullshit lies? How do you not stand up for yourself and your family? How do you check your emotions and let it go? 


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