Well, we were back in to the Doctor’s on Monday. Lil man ate a total of 9oz from 10pm Sunday to 2pm on Monday. He lost more weight and has essentially not gained anything in a month. After examination, she found double ear infection. So, ANOTHER medication added to the mix. 

Today we had his GI appointment. This doctor said the new formula we got switched to, that’s  $37.99, actually causes more spit-up. Are you fucking kidding me right now? I just bought a new container that he can’t finish?! Ugh! Then he took him off all his meds, and now we’re starting from scratch! Ugh! He said the first thing he would have done back in July when this started was give him an Upper GI. He wouldn’t have kept piling the meds on. So, that’s frustrating. So we have a 5 step plan with follow up call in 2 weeks. This includes an Upper GI scheduled for tomorrow. 

I’m beyond exhausted over this whole thing. I have felt like I’m having a heart attack for the past week, I’m assuming it’s just anxiety since I haven’t collapsed yet. I just want so much to be home with my baby. I know that he’s not getting taken care of at day care like I would care for him. The guilt of that alone is enough to kill ya! I just hate it. 

I kept hoping things would get easier, but no. It’s worse. The aching need to be home with him just keeps growing. 

Maybe I’m exhausted emotionally and physically from not sleeping for the last 2 months! Seriously. I don’t even know anymore. 

Well, hopefully we get answers tomorrow and get lil man on track and get mommy some sleep!! 


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