I know that my postpartum depression has been difficult for everyone. On top of that, having a little one that’s sick just kind of amplifies it all. It’s not just me though, she had a positive change in her life and hasn’t been the same since. 

But when you think you have a best friend, a friend that you can count on, always and then you realize you don’t…it breaks your heart on a whole other level. 

This friend you’d do anything for and have been there for them at a low point in their life, just abandons you. They treat you as though you’re lying about your son’s illness. It cuts pretty deep. 

I had someone reach out to me today that really made the sting of realizing I’ve lost my friend burn. This person, who literally I only know through work, we don’t talk outside of work, we’re not even Facebook friends. She emailed me today, and says to me “I’m sorry your son is not feeling well, if you ever need me to come over on a Saturday or Sunday to hold him so you can get some sleep I will”. She lives almost 2 hours away from me.

 The emotions are overwhelming right now. Between the fact that my friend hasn’t even asked how he’s doing in weeks, nevermind the fact he was just in ER Tuesday and this sweet caring co-worker offering help….I just can’t even right now. 

I cried so hard on the way home I could barely breathe. 

I lost my inappropriate other half. She’s gone. The one person I could say any fucked up thing to without batting an eye, knowing she totally fucking agreed with me. The girl I could hate all the other bitches with. Gone. 

“It’s a sad day when you find out who your friends aren’t”


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