I don’t even know where to start…

Today, I’ve spent my morning sucking boogers out of my son’s nose! It feels like I’m sucking his brains out of his head. The rest of the morning has been on the phone making an appointment for him to get in to the GI doc. 

We spent most of yesterday at the doctor’s and ER. I am exhausted, a migraine is brewing. Not sure if it’s stress or lack of sleep. I’m a fucking walking mombie. 

Little man came down with a cold last week. Monday we couldn’t get him to eat, he wasn’t having wet diapers, and he slept for almost 12 hours…my child doesn’t sleep. So, off to the doctor’s we went Tuesday. At the doctor’s office, he spit up after his exam, so she gave him some pedia lite to see if he’d drink it. He sucked it down. BUT then he had a coughing fit, and almost threw up so she held us for observation. He then went in to his tummy pain meltdown frenzy. FINALLY!!! The doctor got to see him im full form of my DAILY life. She said off to the ER you go. So at ER, they did x-ray, no blockage. Woo-hoo. She gave him some pedia lite and guess what, another meltdown. She said nope! So she did ultrasound. No twisting, nothing looks abnormal. Which is great. So, she calls GI. She gave us ANOTHER prescription for an ADDITIONAL medication to “coat” his tummy. So, 3 meds. One twice a day, one three times a day, and one once a day. And now, we follow-up with GI. She thinks there’s something inflammed, more than just acid reflux. I’m so thankful the doctor’s got to see it!! 

And to all the haters who think I’m faking my son’s illness or over exaggerating to get out of work…I’m not. He’s legit sick. So you can kiss my ass. 

Sure, I want to be home with my son. But we need health insurance and some form of income, even though I can’t really afford to work between day care and gas…the little I do get pays part of our house payment and that’s it. I can barely function as a human most days, due to exhaustion. But I suck it up and fake it to make it. 

This has really shown me who my friends are! 


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