Always be an advocate for your children. Push for them. Fight for them. You are their voice. 

My lil nugget has been dealing with tummy issuess since just a few weeks old. It started with him puking up breastmilk. We couldn’t figure out what I ate that upset him. We went to formula only. Still spitting up. We went to sensitive formula, then he quit pooping daily. So, off to the doctor’s we went. They decided he had acid reflux, so they prescribed us Prilosec and said he needed prune juice daily. 

At his 2 month appointment we were told to keep it up. He quit sleeping at night and seemed more cranky. At his 4 month appointment we were told to keep it up, not to acknowledge him or feed him when he wakes up at night. “He needs to learn 3am is not time to party”. He got worse. Spitting up every time he got in his car seat, waking up at 2:30am for the day, spitting up more frequently, more fussy, pulling his knees up crying in pain. So, I brought him back in. Again they did nothing. 

I’m not sleeping, going to work on only 4 hours of sleep at night. I’m exhausted. I’m emotional (I mean postpartum depression/anxiety on top of no sleep, great combination). I’m crabby and irritable. I hate working anyways, this is not helping. 

So at therapy, he has one of his episodes. She gives me reassurance that it doesn’t seem like nothing. I’m not crazy, it’s not in my head (when you feel like a fucking nut-job, you think people think you are lying or making it up).

So, I made an appointment at a different clinic for a second opinion. They switched his formula, prescribed Zantac for morning, and Prilosec for bed time. If he’s not better in 1 week she will do upper GI. FINALLY!!! Someone did something. She also referred him to a craniofacial doctor for his flat head…which was ignored too, and I didn’t even mention it to her as an issue. I just wanted his tummy fixed. She also said to put aquaphor in his fat rolls by his diaper to prevent chaffing and rashes. This doctor was amazing!!! We’re on day 2 of formula change and no spitting up yet! So fingers crossed we are on the right path. 

So, even though we’re emotional mothers, we can’t let that stop us from speaking up for our kids. You know in your gut when something is wrong and you have to follow that instinct no matter how crazy you feel. Don’t let people dismiss you because you are dealing with postpartum depression/ anxiety. 

Be their advocate.

*update…as I posted this he spit up all over me, down my shirt…and that new formula smells like ass…so gross. 

*Update…he’s still spitty….he’s spit up every feeding today. I had hoped this was going to be a cure. Sad mom face. 


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