Has anyone heard of Telogen Effluvium?  Me neither, not until I went to the dermatologist to see why I’m going bald. Yep, postpartum depression and baldness. I’m a hot mess. 

So, my hair started falling out shortly after I returned to work. Massive amounts of hair just keep falling out. Handfuls upon Handfuls. In the shower, brushing, drying, in the pony tail. My ponytail is so thin now, I have to wrap the band like 4 times. I have two spots of receding hair. I finally decided to go in. She said it’s likely to be related to a stressful event. My stressful event is child birth and going back to work. 

I’ve tried to tell people working is not working for me, that being home with the babes is where I need to be. And even my body agrees. 

So, there you have it, yet another fun postpartum related issue you can suffer from. As if you don’t feel bad enough about yourself between trying to lose weight and the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep…Telogen Effluvium smacks ya in the face and you lose your hair! 


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