Don’t you hate it when you know something is wrong with your little one and the doctor just brush you off like you are some insane, paranoid parent?

My little one has had tummy issues for months. We stopped breast milk due to projectile spit-up. Went to formula, he got constipated and still spit-up. Switched to sensitive formula, not much better. Brought him in to find out he has acid reflux and he needs prune juice to poop. 

3 months later…he’s worse. Spitting up more, still can’t poop without prunes. He wakes up screaming 3-4 times a night  (if he even falls back to sleep). Every time he passed gas, he screams. He wiggles and pulls his knees up. He spits up every time we put him in his car seat, even if he hasn’t eaten. The doctor ignores me, says he’s fine. 

He’s not fine. I haven’t slept in months. There’s something up with his tummy. He’s in pain, but  of course it’s charted that I’m dealing with postpartum depression in his chart, so I’m just crazy!!! 

My 8 year old, from the time he was little didn’t act quite right. I got ignored and pushed off, by his doctor. He hit kindergarten and guess what?! Teacher said he doesn’t act right. Turns out he has ADHD. I KNEW he was not a “normal” kid. 

How can we get past this? How can we remove the stigma that moms are just emotional and get doctors to listen to us when something is wrong? Why are we automatically overbearing and irrational? I bet if my husband was with and insisted something was off, they’d listen, because as a man, he’s not emotional, he’s rational. Of course I’m emotional, my baby is hurting. Maybe slightly irrational, I haven’t slept past 2:30 am in months. 


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