I just left a company meeting so discouraged and angry and upset. Like there’s not enough words to describe my feelings right now. 

I work my ass off, come in sick, am always the first to take on a project, the first one to help. None of that matters. I am just a number. I mean that’s expected in a big company. But it’s a punch in the gut to hear from the person 2 levels above you. 

I hate leaving my son every day to come here. I am giving up valuable time that I can’t get back. I’m missing him growing and learning. I get 3 hours a day with him, in which he’s usually screaming, because 5 to 7 is his fussy time. I am beyond emotionally distraught, but I muster through. And I’m not appreciated for my efforts. 

I can barely make ends meet due to paying for day care to be at work, busting my ass daily. Like legit, I have $1418 in my account and just sumbitted the house payment for $1405.  

The company is charging us to have our spouse on our insurance, another hundred a month. They’re reducing their contribution to our HSA by two hundred a year. They took away our ability to purchase an extra week of vacation. 

Today, in a meeting it was brought up..do you know the response we got? If we don’t like it, you know where the door is. 

WOW! I mean, wow. I am not valued. My time is not valued. Quality employees are not valuable. 

I’ve been turned down for 8 promotions, 4 of which are the same role they say they are developing me for.  I have felt less and less worthy with each rejection. 

Now this. I just am in shock. 

Bye Felicia, see you next Tuesday. 


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