It seems like everything sends me in to a downward spiral of anxiety, stress and annoyance….no matter how big or how small, I will lose my shit. 

At Target the other day, the lady in front of me in line had no line etiquette, you would swear she’s never been shopping before. She’s paying and keeps her cart in line instead of moving it to the other side of her. Another lady comes up to get in the Pepsi fridge, which I was standing in front of to unload my cart. She says excuse me, but I have no where to go due to the asshat in front of me. She continues to push the door open in to me getting annoyed that I’m not moving. I lost it, yelled at her. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? There are 37 other lines that have fridges in them. Clearly I can’t move anywhere!!” I’m sure we’ve all thought about it, but haven’t actually ever yelled at the annoying stranger. I couldn’t not yell at her. It just flew out of my mouth. 

Everything bothers me….you breathe like an asshole, she drives like an idiot, could you walk any slower, the mailman is a fucking moron because he can’t figure out how to close the mailbox…

Tonight I asked my husband if he does shit on purpose because he knows it’s going to bother me, because everything bothers me. He smiles. I think that’s a yes. 

I don’t want to be annoyed by everything. It only causes me more stress, but I don’t know how to not be annoyed. I am hypersensitive. 


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