I seriously cry so much I have eyeliner and mascara stock piled every where….n my desk, my car, the diaper bag.

I’ve cried twice at work this week, once for asking to leave early for therapy and pretty much all day the day I realized I didn’t enter my time to be paid on pay day!!! Seriously?! Who does that?

I cried on my way to therapy and during my entire session. 

I’ve cried at home at least 4 times this week, including last night when I threw all the laundry that belonged to my husband at him because he said nothing in the living room was his….. it’s only been sitting there for a week! I may have thrown a small temper tantrum, which lead to a fit of tears, and my 8 year old saying “way to go, you made her cry again” and him hugging me, saying “it’s okay mom”. When in reality it’s not my husband’s fault, I’m just can’t not cry. This is my life. 

I feel like a blubbering mess. I can’t even have a conversation with anyone without crying. When will it stop? 


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